Generate summaries

You can configure the ELITE Feed Reader Bot to generate summaries (using ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence) of web articles, and even Youtube videos!

First, open the template page (using the /template command):

Click on the link to open the template page. Then, add a new template:

And fill its content with:

The content is the following text, if you want to copy/paste it:

And click on "Add template" to save this new template:

Finally, choose this template for the feed(s) for which you want to receive a summary (in the "Feed settings" grid, click on "edit", then select the "Template with summary" template):

Here I've chosen a Youtube feed. When a new video is available, the bot will send a summary (based on the video's transcript) at the end of the post:

Voilà! Thanks ChatGPT :)


By default, the summary is generated in English.
You can specify another language using its two-letter code, for example: %SUMMARY_ES% (for Spanish) or %SUMMARY_FR% (for French).
(full list of codes here)


Use the %SUMMARY% variable with parcimony. ChatGPT calls are limited, and when the bot reaches your daily limit, it will stop generating summaries.
To view your daily usage, use the /chat_stats command.
To increase your limits (at an additional cost) send a message to @jcmag.

If you want to display %ITEM_CONTENT% when the summary could not be generated (because of an error, or having reached the daily limit), you can use: %SUMMARY_CONTENT% (or %SUMMARY_XX_CONTENT%).

Use your own ChatGPT API key

If you are a ChatGPT API subscriber, you can use your own API key. Then the bot won't check any limits; be sure to set a usage limit in your ChatGPT account to avoid paying too much.
To set the API key, use the "ChatGPT API key" setting in the template settings.

Customize the ChatGPT prompt

You can use the "ChatGPT prompt" setting, in the template settings, to customize the prompt sent to ChatGPT.
By default, the prompt used for youtube videos is:
Summarize and translate in English this video's transcript:

And for all other feeds:
Summarize in English this text:

The bot will automatically add to this prompt the video's transcript, or the article's content.

If you have any trouble, ask help on the support group ;)