Premium features

Here are the differences between free and premium accounts:

  Free account Premium account (2€/month)
Refresh rate 3 hours 5 minutes
Number of subscriptions 10 feeds
(and 5 channels/groups)
Templates (message customization)
read the tutorial for more information
- Yes
Monitoring (using screenshots or XPath)
read the screenshot tutorial and XPath tutorial
for more information
- Yes
Twitter authentication
the bot is connected to your Twitter account
read the tutorial for more information
Yes Yes
Twitter single accounts & searches
Follow a single Twitter account using: /add @twitterAccount
Subscribe to Twitter searches using: /add #search
- Yes
To replace or remove some text found in messages.
- Yes
Exclude messages that contain some text.
- Yes
"Like" buttons
- Yes

To subscribe to a premium account, use this bot: The Feed Reader Bot - Premium.
Just type /premium in the bot's chat window, and you will get a link to a Paypal page: