Premium & Elite features

Here are the differences between free and premium/elite accounts:

  Free account
(free bot)
Premium account (3€/month)
(premium bot)
Elite account (6€/month)
(elite bot)
Refresh rate 4 hours 20 minutes As fast as possible
(depending on websites;
in average: 1-2 min)
Warning: Instagram blocks the bot, proxy servers are used to bypass that, but there is no guarantee they'll work (even with the Elite bot)
Number of subscriptions 10 feeds
(and 5 channels/groups)
Unlimited Unlimited
Ads (*) from time to time (*) No ads No ads
OPML import file 10 feeds 50 feeds 500 feeds
Anti-spam features (example)
Yes Yes Yes
Twitter authentication
the bot is connected to your Twitter account
read the tutorial for more information
Yes Yes Yes
Connect to Discord and Slack channels - Yes Yes
Twitter single accounts & searches
Follow a single Twitter account using: /add @twitterAccount
- Yes Yes
+ fast refresh: a few seconds
Templates (message customization)
read the tutorial for more information
- Yes Yes
Monitoring (using screenshots or XPath)
read the screenshot tutorial and XPath tutorial
for more information
- Yes Yes
To replace or remove some text found in messages.
- Yes Yes
Exclude messages that contain some text.
- Yes Yes
"Like" buttons
- Yes Yes
Custom buttons
- Yes Yes
Send predefined messages periodically
- Yes Yes
Instant View templates
Set your custom Instant View templates to use with your feeds
- Yes Yes
Translate the messages sent by the bot (**)
- Yes Yes
Use your own bot
The posts from your feeds will be sent by your own custom bot (tutorial)
- - Yes

To subscribe to a premium account, use this bot: The Feed Reader Bot - Premium.
To subscribe to an elite account, use this bot: The Feed Reader Bot - Elite.

* : if you want to advertise on the Feed Reader Bot please contact jcmag

** : By default the LibreTranslate service is used. You can also use the DeepL translate service if you buy a subscription on (and specify the API key in your template settings).