Templates Tutorial (premium accounts only)

This tutorial will show you how to use templates to customize the messages sent by the Feed Reader Bot.

First, click on the "add new template "link:

Type a name for the template, and the content:

Here, I want the messages formatted this way:
- Feed's title in bold (using the <b></b> HTML tags)
- Break line
- The item's title as a clickable link (using the item's URL)
- The item's content
- Break line
- a static text "-- sent by the Feed Reader Bot! --"

Save the template, and test it to see if it is well-formatted: click on the "Send test message" link, and you should receive a test message in Telegram:

You can see that the bot variables, like %FEED_TITLE%, %ITEM_CONTENT% etc. have been replaced with their matching values.
Now, you can apply this template to a feed:

Again, check all is fine by clicking on the "Send test message" link:


If you have any trouble, please contact jcmag ;)