Receive tweets

From a single Twitter account

You can follow a specific Twitter account using this command: /add @accountName
Example: /add @elonmusk

- no need to have a Twitter account
- can receive replies

From a Twitter list

To receive the tweets from a Twitter list, use this command:
/add_twitter_list [listID] [accountName]

For example, to subscribe the bot to this list:, type:
/add_twitter_list 1461248048525414405 FeedReaderBot
Here the "FeedReaderBot" parameter is the name of the account that owns the list.

- unlimited accounts can be added to the list

- can't receive replies
- may miss some tweets if the list has a lot of accounts

Use the following command to subscribe the bot to a twitter search: /add #keyword
For example, to receive the tweets containing the word "bitcoin":
/add #bitcoin

or, for advanced search queries using AND/OR:
/add #(bitcoin AND ethereum)

For Premium & Elite subscribers

Use your own Twitter API key

If you are a Twitter developer subscriber, and have a Basic plan subscription, then you can use your API key to get fast Twitter feeds.
First, open the Twitter developer portal website, and access your project's "Keys and tokens" page:

The bot needs the "Bearer token". Generate one if you don't already have one, and copy the token.
Then, go the Bridge2 website, and open the Twitter bridge:

Enter the username of the account you want to receive tweets from, paste the Bearer token you copied before, and select if you want to receive replies and retweets. Then click on "Display", and in the next screen click on "copy command". Paste this command into the bot's chat window to subscribe to this feed.

For Elite subscribers: very fast refresh

If you want to receive tweets in a few minutes or seconds, specific twitter feeds can be configured. See the monthly prices, per feed, here: prices